April 25 to May 6, 2012
June Havoc Theater,
Abingdon Theatre Complex
312 West 36th Street, NYC
Tue-Sat at 8:00 PM
Sun at 3:00 PM





Corriere della Sera - Alessandra Farkas
"The theater was sold out and there was roaring applause at the end. I could not have been happier for the debut of Obama in Naples, the musical written by Claudio Angelini (former director of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, and for 20 years the anchorman of  Tg1) and directed by Stephan Morrow. It opened its doors on Wednesday in the June Havoc Theater, Off Broadway where it will run until May 6.The plot which is funny and original, also convinced the Americans in the audience."

Scopri New York - Piero Armenti
"A comedy with songs - the musical is ('made in Italy' ) by Claudio Angelini and has conquered the Big Apple. The show, staged last night at the June Havoc Theater, one of the more fashionable off Broadway stages around, was applauded more than thirty times with a final standing ovation. Full of humor but also a romantic story it is written by Angelini, journalist, author of numerous novels, and president of the 'Dante Alighieri Society’ in New York City where he has lived for many years and where he was also director of the Italian Cultural Institute and a noted political anchorman for RAI. He also wrote most of the music, songs and ballads with arrangements by Simone de Filippis - giving rhythm to the piece: 'The bed squeaks,' ''A City' in three versions and 'The Barbarians.'"

NY Times Reader Review - maria teresa cometto, New York
"witty and funny! loving towards both Naples and America, with some non-politically correct gags that are quite hilarious. Among many characters: the nun "Mother Concetta" is moving when she sings her ballad and hilarious when she invokes Obama; and Obama is perfect in his role. It's totally worthwhile going to see it."

Libero Quotidiano - Glauco Maggi
"Obama is funny when he teases, "you want 6 million jobs? I promised that in America so I can do that here too. How many jobs do you want? ". Then he admits that "America does not want me anymore" and almost gives up but then when Hillary Clinton announces that if he doesn’t return she’ll run again he blurts out 'Whoah. I’m comin’ back. America needs me. God bless America!' Obviously we are in a theater, with Toby Blackwell playing Barack Obama and Elyse Knight as Hillary. Not in front of the TV, where even American comedians have begun to reveal the nuances of the Obama presidency and have thrown off the muzzle which was always sympathetic to the Democrats agenda.

"The debut of Claudio Angelini as a playwright was on April 25 at The June Havoc Theater, 312 West 36th Street, between Eighth and the Ninth Avenue. Angelini ...has returned to his old passion for writing poems and songs, lyrics and music and has now taken material from his drawer and written about the experiences of a reporter who covered the earthquake of 1980 in Irpinia which devastated large parts of Campania. Thus was born a comedy with which you laugh, but but which also knows how to be very serious satire."



Neapolitan crazyness and fun break out when an Italian journalist, who covered the terrible Irpinia earthquake of 1980, returns to Naples to investigate whether conditions will ever improve there. He is mistaken for a member of President Obama's advance party and ends up getting more involved in saving the city than he reckoned for.

When our President coincidentally arrives, miraculously, bringing his message of peace and hope, he is welcomed by the Neapolitans like a new San Gennaro. For a few days Naples becomes the capital of the world and Obama the new patron saint of the city.

The underlying theme is Southern Italy’s never-ending woes, summed up by the question: have things gotten better or worse in the last thirty years? Can young folk across the continents--from Paris to Perth, Bombay to Beijing--be inspired by Obama to fight corruption and make a brighter future...or not? The play sparkles with songs. Like most Italian comedies, it borrows from commedia dell' arte but its humor is the genuine kind that stems from the warmth of the characters themselves.

Playwright Claudio Angelini is the well-known Italian TV news anchor known as the Dan Rather of Italy. He has covered Obama since the primaries and published a book with Rizzoli on the first years of his presidency, Obama: Un Anno di Sfide (Obama: A Year of Challenges). Among his many assignments, he covered the earthquake in Irpinia, accompanying President Pertini. His play is a love poem to Naples with humor and satire.

The play is translated from the Italian and the Neapolitan by Angela Carabelli and edited by Olga Cortese and Michael F. Moore (not the documentary film maker). Olga Cortese is the producer.

For a complete description, read our press release.

Will he come to Naples and save the day...or not?
A comedy with songs

Scenographic painting-in-progress by Lello Esposito

1) A CITY 1 - Composer Claudio Angelini arr. Simone de Filippis
2) OBAMA BALLAD - Marco Cappelli arr. Cappelli
3) HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE - Diana Tejera arr. Simone de Filippis
4) CONCETTA SONG - Cappelli arr. Cappelli
5) THE BARBARIANS - Angelini arr. Cappelli
6) A CITY 2 (long version) - Angelini arr. Simone de Filippis
7) ENTANGLED IN YOUR HAIR - Angelini arr. Simone de Filippis
8) THIS BED THAT SQUEAKS - Angelini arr. Simone de Filippis
9) OH MY PRETTY, PRETTY LOVE - Angelini arr. Simone de Filippis
10) PRETTY LOVE REPRISE - Angelini arr. Simone de Filippis
11) HERE I AM AGAIN - Angelini arr. Simone de Filippis
12) MY GIFT TO YOU - Angelini arr. Simone de Filippis
13) LIGHT THESE EYES - Angelini arr. Simone de Filippis
14) A CITY 3 (long) - Angelini arr. Simone de Filippis

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